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Barko Friends was founded, designed and developed after a radical change of circumstances during the pandemic.  Paul learned a number of new programs from scratch to develop the idea and bring it to a workable prototype.

After working in the rescue, rehabilitation of rehoming of dogs for over 21 years, Paul knew there was a need for pet parents to be able to keep all of their little friend's details handy for all occasions.  Then the hard work of creating the app began!

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After a lot of hard work and fighting every moment to bring the app to market, Barko and it's sister apps are designed to help all pet parents everywhere keep all their details safe and sound - and handy for all occasions!

I hope you love Barko just as much as I do.  Many hours of love have gone into this app and social platform to give you and your pet pals the tools to live your best friend's best life!


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